The World’s First Trifecta Mobile Photography Device

Introducing GripShot – An Icon for the Future of Mobile Photography. Our Kickstarter Campaign is launching on 24th October 2020. We are having limited Kickstarter discounts for our VIP Super Early Bird list. Drop us your email and join the list (It’s getting long!) to get notified on the exact timing of our launch so that you do not miss out on getting your hands on a unit of GripShot
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our features

  • The coveted DSLR Handgrip attached to your Smartphone. Get unrivalled control and quality for your photos and videos
  • Take Single-Handed Landscape Shots like a professional. No more awkward hand positioning and risk dropping your phone
  • Our Detachable Bluetooth Remote enables you to control the exact timing of shutter release and take the perfect shot even when you are not holding your phone
  • Wide-Angle and Hands-Free photography for Sports, Yoga, Dance, Workouts etc. You won’t have to get another stranger to capture your precious personal moments.
  • Universal Screwthread for convenient attachment of tripod stand and other external mobile equipments.
  • Pocket-Sized and Portable, attach this to your Smartphone and the best camera is in your pocket
  • Enhanced functionalities for Vlogging, Live Streaming, Videography, On-The-Go Photography and much more